Title IA Improving the Academic Achievement of Disadvantaged

Part A: Improving Basic Programs operated by Local Education Agencies.

Title I, Part A provides federal dollars to help supplement educational opportunities for children who live in high poverty areas who are most at risk of failing to meet the state's challenging content and performance standards. There are two types of programs: Targeted Assistance and Schoolwide. Bloomfield School's Title IA programs are all schoolwide. Schoolwide programs use funds to improve the entire program of the school so that all are impacted. Title IA has a Parent Advisory Council comprised of parents of students being served by the program. The funding the district receives in Title IA is used for salaries for teachers, and educational assistants, a parent involvement program, staff development and supplies.

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Bloomfield Early Childhood Center: PreK - K

With the District re-organization, BECC will house 10 sections of Preschool and 10 all-day Kindergarten programs. In the school-wide program, BECC will continue to use Title IA funding to support the academic achievement of Kindergarten students through staff development, tutoring, and remediation plans. We plan to increase opportunities for parental involvement and family literacy activities in our new Early Childhood facility.

Pre-Kindergarten students are screened using the First Step screening instrument and the DECA for Social-Emotional assessment. Our District uses a "single-point of referral" model. Following screening, students may qualify for Head Start placements, further assessment for developmental delays, or tuition placements for students who are typically developing. Title IA funding allows us to place at-risk and low income students who do not qualify for any of the other services. (Our District Pre-School program has been cited by the Public Education Department of New Mexico as a model for use of inclusionary funds and meeting the needs of all students.)

Blanco Elementary: 1 -6

Our School-wide plan addresses the focus areas of: Attendance, Reading, Writing, Language and Math. It is revised annually with parent and community input. SASI is used as a tracking system to closely monitor Attendance and to contact parents. ReadingStrategy Groups address specific skills at individual student levels stressing phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding, sight words, vocabulary, and comprehension. Students are instructed and assessed in the "Six Traits of Writing" with their compositions presented at our annual "Young Writers Fair". Vocabulary, grammar structure and conventions are addressed in all content areas to improve the needs of ELLs in Language Arts. Math instruction is devoted to increase student application of math to real-life situations with emphasis on skill development, computation, problem-solving, self-checking, and mental math. Tutoring is offered after school for Reading, Language Arts, and Math. Staff development is emphasized for all Teachers and Educational Assistants to meet our programs and curriculum objectives. Title IA funds are use to purchase materials, books, and supplies for Reading and Math.

Central Primary School: 1-3

Central Primary utilizes a school-wide program that provides: additional resources and assistance to enhance reading skills, a literacy resource specialist to support teachers, students and parents, instruction appropriate to student instructional level, and staff development support as determined by student and staff needs. The following activities support the goal areas: twenty minutes TWI reading, funding for materials, reading incentive programs, parent education in the areas of literacy, educational assistants in first grade classrooms, a two and half hour language arts block and opportunities for staff to participate in literacy training to improve instruction. Interventions are provided to at risk students identified through site collected data and teacher recommendations.

Naaba Ani Elementary School: 4 -6

The school-wide Title IA programs supports the school's focus on reading, language arts, mathematics, technology, attendance and parent involvement. Increasing student achievement in the areas of reading, language, and mathematics by addressing individual student needs provides the basic framework from which all other goals in the school-wide plan are developed. A collaborative effort between students, parents and teachers is emphasized and supported through a variety of staff and parent involvement opportunities. The focus on reading is seen in the placement of educational assistants in the classroom during 21/2 hour language arts block to assist the teacher in providing small group instruction, a full-time literacy specialist to help teachers develop specific skills to teach reading, and a computer lab devoted to developing reading and writing literacy.

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