Sept. 28th Elementary Hybrid To Start

Sept. 28th Elementary Hybrid To Start
Posted on 09/22/2020

Dear Parents, Guardians and Employees:

Bloomfield School District will begin the part-time hybrid learning environment for PreK - 6th grades on September 28, 2020.  As we prepare for our reentry for elementary students, we want to take this time to say thank you for all your hard work during the period of fully online learning. We will still offer options for home learning for students whose parents are not sure if they are ready for their students to return.

Transportation notification were communicated on Thursday, September 3, 2020.  Please be aware that everyone must wear a facemask in order to gain entry on a bus and into the schools.  Temperatures will also be taken prior to entry on a bus and into a school.

We have provided the following questions and answers to help all parties understand the Bloomfield School Districts future plans.

Q.  What are my options for educating my children?

A.  Bloomfield School District will provide a hybrid model for the brick and mortar that will allow 50% of the students to attend school on an abbreviated schedule.  The schedule will provide transportation for the A and B schedules. (A) days will be Monday and Tuesday and (B) days will be Thursday and Friday. Each school site will notify you to let you know when your child may attend. Wednesday will be a day off campus to allow our custodial staff to deep clean and sanitize the school for cohort changes. The district will also offer home learning for students whose parents are not sure if they are ready for their students to return. This will be an in-district offering that requires significant parent involvement with internet and technology available in the home. (Note the district has provided computers to all students from 3rd - 12th grade). We want to support you in your decision and want to encourage you to take advantage of the two options available. Please keep your students enrolled in the Bloomfield School District.

Q.  Is there a combination option for learning?

A.  The hybrid model provides a brick and mortar schedule for two days in school and the rest of the week will be learning at home.  We will provide work packets to take home to work on at home and return back to the teachers upon the students return to the brick and mortar. We also have several online programs to support your child’s learning such as Imagine Learning, Istation and Edgenuity and etc.

Q.  How will you manage educating my child? What will the daily schedule look like?

A.  The hybrid model schedule will reflect a typical day for a child while in school and the online portion will be recommended as follows: (A) will provide a regular schedule for learning on Monday/Tuesday matching a typical day of brick and mortar school and online learning will be recommended for Wednesday (teachers office hours for support), Thursday and Friday utilize this time to complete the packets/or submit a picture of the students work to the teacher online and engage in online learning programs. (B) will provide a regular schedule for learning on Thursday/Friday matching a typical day of brick and mortar school and online learning will be recommended for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (teacher’s office hours for support) utilize this time to complete the packets/online submission and engage in online learning programs. The home learning option recommends that parents establish a schedule for English Language, Math, Science and Social Studies. Many of the lessons combine content which covers all concepts. Make a learning space for your child, and provide support as needed. You may also contact the teacher on Wednesday with questions.








A Schedule

On Site

On Site




B Schedule




On Site

On Site


Q.  How are extra-curricular activities going to be managed and what if my child is participating in the district’s home learning program? What can they do from home?

A.  While in the brick and mortar school setting your child will participate in PE, Music, and Art on the A and B week schedule (with social distancing maintained at all times). For the home learning program the district will provide suggestions and you the parent will plan the schedule for learning breaks to do extra-curricular activities.

Q.  Are masks going to be required?

A.  Yes, according to the Department of Health (DOH) and the New Mexico Department of Education (NMPED) masks will be required. The district will provide a mask to each child that will need to be washed daily.

Q.  What resources will be provided for my child in both options?

A.   The Bloomfield School District has provided a computer to all students in 3rd -12th grade.  Packets/online downloads of assignments and school work activities will be available for all grade levels. Each school site will provide the resources. We would appreciate individual school supplies being provided with each child to be stored in your child backpack and brought back and forth to school. We will be required to control the use of crayons, pencil, and notebooks of each child and no sharing will be allowed.

Q.  How is bus/transportation going to be managed?

A.  The Bloomfield School District will provide bus transportation for students on the A/B hybrid schedule.  Busses will be sanitized daily, student’s will be screened prior to getting on the buses for fevers, they will be required to wear masks and hands will be sanitized prior to entering the buses. We are requesting that parents not send their child to the bus stop without supervision available to contact for students not being allowed on the bus with fevers. We will make every effort to control our bus and school environment to keep everyone safe. All students will be screened entering the school buildings.

Q.  If possible exposure occurs in my child’s classroom will I be notified?

A.  Yes, Bloomfield School District has established contact tracing procedures required by the DOH and NMPED.  You will receive a letter notifying you that contact has been made and will inform you that your child's classroom will be closed for 48 hours and sanitized.  However, your child will still come to school and participate in the hybrid school in an alternative classroom as long as an alternative classroom is available. Information provided will be shared with confidentiality in mind to keep all parties safe.

Q.  How often will my child be screened for COVID 19?

A. Children will not be screened for COVID 19 with the swabbing method.  The only screening that will happen in the school setting will be checks for fevers or symptoms. We will utilize our nursing staff to assist with the monitoring of symptoms when a child is referred to the nurse by their classroom teacher. It is up to the parent to decide if they want to go get their child screened for COVID 19.

Q.  What will be the “return to school policy” if my child does have a temperature?

A.  Your child will need to stay home until the temperature goes away. If your child has COVID 19 they will need to quarantine for 14 days or until symptoms are gone. At this point you may move to the home learning opportunity online with their teacher during the quarantine period. We would appreciate contact with your child’s teacher and the school nurse with your child’s prognosis.

Q.  What are the plans and procedures to help reduce the spread of common play areas?

A.  The school sites will maintain social distancing protocols recommended by the DOH, CDC and NMPED.  Play/work areas will manage social distancing in the gym, music and art settings with cohort cleaning schedules to keep the areas sanitized. The playground equipment will be washed down after each cohort with a sanitizing solution and activities will maintain social distancing protocols while on the playground. We will do our best to maintain a safe environment inside and outside.


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