Karen Georgina

Lesson Plan-Astronomical Proportions

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First and Last Name

Karen Georgina

E-mail Address     

School Name

Animas Elementary




Lesson Title: Astronomical Proportions 


Essential Question(s)

How far is each planet from the sun     

Standard: 2 science (Earth and Space Science)



Benchmark 1 , Obj. 2 –Relationships among objects      


Subject Area(s) (Click boxes of all subjects that apply)


  Language Arts


 School to Career






Grade Level (Click boxes of all grade levels that apply)




  Gifted and Talented






Student Objectives



Students will create an example of distance of planets from the sun











Prerequisite Skills

      names of planets, basic concepts of the solar system, measuring skills



Approximate Time Needed (Example: 45 minutes, 4 hours, 1 year, etc.)

      2- 45 minute sessions


Materials and Resources Required for Lesson


Scott Foresman 3rd grade science book

Printed Materials


Internet Resources



      CAP Astronomy Module “Size of the Skies”

The Incredible Two Inch Universe pamphlet for CAP presentation


Technology – Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed.)


  Digital Camera

  DVD Player

  Internet Connection


  Projection System




  Video Camera




Technology – Software (Click boxes of all software needed.)


  Desktop Publishing

  Encyclopedia on CD-ROM


  Internet Web Browser


  Web Page Development

  Word Processing




Setting the Stage:

Introduce concept with “Size of the Skies” CD

Acquisition of Skills:

      Create a proportional distance from sun model

Consolidation of Skills:



      if finished early, create “Incredible Two Inch Universe”  model

Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction


Resource Student



Gifted Student

      Incredible Two inch Universe model


     1.  View CAP astonomy module, “Size of the Skies”

  1. Open discussion on just How far are the planets from the sun.
  2. Predict length of distance of each planet from the sun
  3. Follow the Directed Inquiry on pg. 452 of “Scott Foresman” science book, grade 3
  4. Display in the hallway.
  5. Create “Incredible Two Inch Universe” if time.



     Since this was a class project, no assessment or assessment rubric was used.

Don’t forget to attach your student assessment rubric.


When you expect to teach this:

     Taught in March

Reflections (What went well, what you would do different next time)

     This was a great class project before the students did individual planets reports and projects.